Yoshiko Chuma | USA 1983 | 16 mm | 00:03:48

Yoshiko Chuma - Five Car Pile-Up - Shine Collection

Five Car Pile-Up was orginally performed in 1983 at St. Mark‘s Church, NY, including 100 performers. The film condenses the performance and creates a new cinematic choregraphy by the use of slow-motion, different angles, montage and a soundscape, that enfolds spaces far beyond of what we see.

Direction: Yoshiko Chuma
Cinematography: Rudy Burckhardt
Performance: Kaja Gam, Stephen Petronio, Lucy Hemmindinger, Nelson Zayas, Yoshiko Chuma, Irene Hultman, Donald Felming, Susan Milano, Brian Moran
Sound: Christan Marclay