Yoshiko Chuma | USA 1982 | 16 mm | 00:07:55

Yoshiko Chuma - Commercial Eruption - Shine Collection

For Commercial Eruption Yoshiko Chuma acts on Andy Warhol’s idea of “15 minutes of fame” and translates and exaggerates them into a 1980s logic: the quarter of an hour turns into only 10 seconds that frame the numerous different protagonists’ options to present and merchandise themselves and their individual role models. The reference to advertising strategies of a culminating capitalism are both critical and ironic.

Direction: Yoshiko Chuma
With: Anne Waldmann and Edwin Ambrose Bye, Taylor Mead, Christian Marclay, John Nesci with Mary Tepper, Jacob Burckhardt, Andrew Nash, Laura Segal, Bob Holmen with Paul Zinkievich, Catherine Zinkievich, Ann Rower and Vito Ricci, Eva Maier, Vicky Hudspith, Robert Alexander with friends, E.L. Baum with Bill DePalo, Robert Romanoli, Sandy Moore with Helene Jacobs, Liz Pasquale, Zagreus Bowery with Sophie D.Lux, Yvonne Jacquette, Cynthia Hedstrom with friends, Rochelle Kraut, Abigail Child with Tom Cora and Craig Bromberg, Dean Nichols, Selden Cundiff, Fred Lambert, Geoff Davis, B & C Mear Market, John Baumann, Yves Musard, Andrew Horn with Henry Ferree and Lenny Pickett (music), Christopher Knowles, Mimi Gross,
Cinematography: Jacob Burckhardt, Henry Hills